I Die


10. “I don’t care, who cares about the Chanel dress? I hate awards shows. Am I pretty?” -Brad, mocking Taylor.

9. “It’s just the color of sad.” -Rachel

8. “Anne’s never had a big navy moment.” -Rachel

7. “I just might as well steal shoes off the trannies on Santa Monica Boulevard.” -Brad

6. “Are you sure that’s L.A.-appropriate?” -Rachel, in reference to Brad’s silver bowtie.

5. “I don’t care.” -Brad, in reference to said bowtie.

4. “It looks like a ballerina exploded.” -Rachel, about a Gianfranco Ferré tulle gown.

3. “I mean…” -Rachel, paired with blank stare. (Guaranteed new catchphrase for Season 2.)

2. “Everyone just looks so much better with seven more inches on them.” -Rachel, referencing shoes.
“Yeah…everywhere…” –Brad
“I mean…” -Rachel

1. “I just became a fucking biznotch, and everyone is moving upstairs.” -Rachel, followed by no one moving upstairs.

Final “I Die Count”: 5
Final “Baby” Count: 2
(She’s clearly toned down the catchphrases a bit for Season 2.)

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