A Millennial’s Guide to the TikTok Hype House & Its 21 Members

Hype House
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Maybe you saw a skinny 15-year-old girl you didn’t recognize stealing the show in a Super Bowl 2020 commercial and felt out of the loop. Maybe you’re confused about how every person under 18 suddenly knows flawless choreography for 1,500 different songs.  Most likely, you’ve experienced some exposure to TikTok culture and most likely you’ve got the Hype House to thank for it.

For the uninitiated, the Hype House is a house in Los Angeles owned and run by some of TikTok’s biggest stars. A shared influencer house certainly isn’t a new concept, and the Hype House isn’t even the first collaborative house for TikTokers. But it might be one of the most successful ones ever. Not every member lives in the house full time, and the house has sustained some losses; all said and done, 21 influencers have called the Hype House their Hype Home at some point in its six-month history. Fourteen members appeared in the very first promotional photos for the group posted on December 20, 2019, followed by more additions and losses after the official house launch in January.

Thomas Petrou

TikTok: @petroutv

One of the group’s cofounders, Petrou is one of the few members who had a following before TikTok. He was part of Jake Paul’s famously nightmarish collaborative house Team 10 back in 2017, so it makes sense that this 21-year-old model-turned-viner-turned-vlogger would want to make a house of his own. Eighty percent of boys on TikTok are thirst-trap boys or prank boys, and Thomas seems to be both. He also has a $10,000 Savannah cat named Artemis. Thomas seems to be the one squarely in the crosshairs of ex-member Daisy Keech, who says he intentionally ousted her from leadership and minimized her contributions to the group. Petrou has brought his own receipts to rebut her claims, but we may never know who’s right.

Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson

TikTok: @lilhuddy

Another cofounder and extremely popular creator who is constantly clowned by one side of TikTok for being lethally pointy, Lil Huddy should be frozen in carbonite and put in a museum exhibit about eBoys for posterity. His ambiguously romantic relationship with fellow member Charli D’Amelio was the topic of gossip for months before they finally made it official on Valentine’s Day 2020 and then declared it over in April. I’ll save you a Google; Charli was 15 while they were going out and Chase was 17.

Daisy Keech

TikTok: @daisykeech

The third cofounder, Keech, is a fitness influencer with the “first certified real bootie.” Yup, she literally had a doctor verify that her butt was real on camera. Daisy has been the biggest source of unrest in the House’s short history. In early March 2020, Daisy told Insider that she wasn’t being credited for her role in the House despite claiming to have contributed the most cash. A big reason for the tension was the New York Times profile of the group that listed just Thomas and Chase, but not Daisy, as founders. By the end of March 2020, Daisy had moved out of the house entirely and launched her own collective house called the clubhouse (all lower case). She’s currently still locked in a legal dispute with Chase’s dad-slash-attorney over the legal rights to the Hype House name. When Daisy left, the Hype House TikTok account unfollowed her as well as a few other members, leading fans to believe they had sided with Daisy and were ousted.

Charli D’Amelio

TikTok: @charlidamelio

The shining star in the Hype House constellation, newly 16-year-old Charli isn’t just the most successful person to come out of the Hype House, she’s arguably the most successful person on TikTok. When she joined the House in January 2020, she had 15 million followers, and as of writing this she has 55.9 million, making her the most followed creator on the app. If you’ve seen her content and can’t figure out why this specific girl has basically become her own media empire, you’re not alone. Her own bio says “I don’t get the hype either.” That hype did nicely land her in a Sabra Hummus Super Bowl 2020 spot, put her onstage at Jonas Brothers and Bebe Rexha concerts, and got her entire family representation from United Talent Agency. There have been rumblings of her departure from the Hype House for a while and Charli confirmed the news in May 2020. You’ll most likely see the entire D’Amelio clan on a reality show soon, if Charli’s dad’s heavy hinted interviews hold any water.

Dixie D’Amelio

TikTok: @dixiedamelio

The elder D’Amelio, Dixie’s company line seems to be “I’m not Charli.” She’s been firm that she’s not a dancer, and sticks more to comedy skits on the app. Along with her sister, Dixie fled the Hype House in the dead of night in May 2020, but you can see her on a Brat TV series called Attaway General sometime soon.

Addison Rae

TikTok: @addisonre

Addison Rae has a popular dancing and lip syncing channel that frequently features her mom. Like many of the members she’s got representation (with WME), as do her parents. In February 2020, she, along with the D’Amelios, appeared on the NBA All Star broadcast.

Alex Warren

TikTok: @alexwaaren

Along with Kouvr (his girlfriend of two years) and Thomas, Alex might be one of the only members who lives at the Hype House full time. Alex is firmly on the “prank” side of the TikTok Boy spectrum and has a lot of inside jokes about llamas for some reason.

Kouvr Annon

TikTok: @k0uvr

The majority of this Hawaiian Instagram model’s content is dancing, which, as you definitely should have guessed right now, is the lifeblood of TikTok. She’s got three cats, two hamsters and a lizard to her name, as well as one boyfriend (Alex).

James & Jack Wright

TikTok: @jameswrightt & @jack.wright

The only twins in the house, James and Jack Wright’s TikTok presence seems to be based on the dual pillars of Dancing and Doing Fights To Each Other. I read a profile that said Jack was known for his dancing and James was known for his baking but there is literally no way to tell if this is true.

Nick Austin

TikTok: @nickaustinn

This is the part in the article where I am run through a gauntlet of so many nearly identical males that I start googling online tests for face blindness. What can’t Nick Austin do? Have blonde hair? Wear hoodies? Have glasses sometimes?  He’s the total package.

Ryland Storms

TikTok: @rylandstormss

Unlike Nick Austin, Ryland Storms doesn’t wear glasses sometimes. My favorite thing about him is his Kristen Stewart-esque bone structure.

Patrick Huston

TikTok: @patrickhu5ton

Blonde hair. Hoodies. Dancing. I feel like there has to be a facility somewhere that is growing these guys on vines or something. Patrick is one of the fallen who appeared to have been ejected from the house after the Great Daisy Schism in March 2020 and recently has been doing mostly sponsored content for something called Itsme.

Calvin Goldby

TikTok: @calvingoldby

Primarily a comedian, Calvin’s most recent project was covering Patrick’s car in wrapping paper. The Hype House account unfollowed him in March 2020 along with Daisy and the others.

Connor Yates

TikTok: @paperyates

Connor’s bio lists him as the Hype House stunt man. Another of Hype House’s ex-members, his most recent Instagram post features Jake Paul, so I’m sure his future is nothing but bright.

Wyatt Xavier

TikTok: @wyatt

The last member to be unfollowed in the Daisy Purge, Wyatt also runs a YouTube channel called Best Trends. He appears to have since deleted his Tiktok account, and his Instagram is flush with comments from members who miss him and people asking why the Hype House doesn’t follow him anymore. C’est la vie.

Tony & Ondreaz Lopez

TikTok: @tonylopez & @ondreazlopez

These two became official House members just a week after the House’s Instagram was born. If you’ve spent any time on this app you’ve seen these two sharing a frame and delivering dances. I haven’t been able to go to the patent office yet to see if they officially own the dance move where it looks like you’re getting your dick sucked, but the second I do, you’ll be the first to hear.

Avani Gregg

TikTok: @avani

Avani’s addition was announced on the same day as the Lopez brothers in late December 2020. Avani is a gymnast, a dancer and has a “Style Guru” badge from TikTok, whatever that means.

Hootie Hurley

TikTok: @hootiehurley

Hootie Hurley’s provenance in the Hype House is foggy at best. He’s got TikToks that place him in the house, to the day, that they launched their Instagram but wasn’t tagged in any of their official photos. He never lived at the House full time as he’s busy being a pole vaulting star at Oklahoma State but the House has unfollowed him, indicating they’ve parted ways.

Larri Merritt

TikTok: @larrayeeee

Larri aka Larray is the most recent addition to the House, officially announced on March 25. He’s a former Vine star, produces vlogs and video game content, and might be the funniest person in the house. He came out as bisexual last year and has been dating fellow TikTok star Brady Potter for over a year.

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