Hyde S. K’s Pop-Folk Bags


When it comes to vegan leather, the reaction is usually a mix of confusion and disbelief. Vegan. Leather. Really? In her bag line Hyde S. K, designer Sacha Knight takes that sense of disbelief and turns it into a sense of wonder. Always one to stand out from the crowd, Knight designs uniquely whimsical handbags with influences ranging from the naturalistic (California’s Mojave Desert and Shamanism) to very pop inspired (Vietnam Camoflauge and Joan Jett).

While she started making bags mostly for friends, Knight has received some major critical appeal. Paul Smith commissioned handbags for his menswear runway show in Paris and she is currently designing an exclusive bag for A.P.C..

Oh, and as for that vegan leather. It is called Lorica, a futuristic animal-friendly leather alternative, that is lightweight and strong, but still has a suede underside, like leather.