Hungry, Hungry Heart


As you know by now, I’ve spent much of fashion week going behind the scenes to interview not only the designers, but the hair and makeup artists also. These talented people play a huge role in determining the look and mood of the show, whether it be romantic, feminine, tough, clean, natural, etc. It’s always a big collaborative effort between all parties, and one that usually ends up tying the whole show together. My favorite backstage makeup look thus far happened today at Chris Benz. Ayako, the lead artist from cult beauty line NARS, was the woman in charge of the fresh, light, glowy look of the Chris Benz face. She took one look at my tired, on-two-hours-of-sleep skin and pulled me toward her lit mirror. “You’re so pretty, let me do your face,” she said amidst the chaos. Gladly putting myself in her capable hands, I closed my eyes while she dusted various potions and powders onto my skin.

“This is Hungry Heart,” Ayako murmured, applying the two-tone blush carefully, “It doesn’t come out until Spring 2009, but you must be sure to get it. It’s beautiful.” I opened my eyes and peered blearily into the mirror. And let me tell you, NARS’ Hungry Heart is a total miracle worker–I was suddenly golden and peachy and radiant. It lightened and livened up my entire face with a single calculated sweep of a good blush brush.

It’s the color to have on your face for Spring, so put it on your to-buy lists now.