Researchers at Harvard Prove People Hate Humblebraggers

Leah Bourne
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If you, like a lot of people these days, have been perfecting the art of the humblebrag on social media, you might want to stop: People find it just as annoying as down and out bragging.

A team of researchers at Harvard Business School conducted the study, testing people’s reactions to humblebrags in five separate experiments.

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In one, they asked participants to imagine the type of person who said one of these statements: a complaint (“I am so bored”), a brag (“People mistake me for a model”), or a humblebrag (“I am so bored of people mistaking me for a model”). Then, participants were asked to rate how much they liked the person.

The complainer was the most liked, followed by the bragger, while the humblebragger came in last. Humblebraggers were also rated as the least sincere by the group.

In another test, they had set of people either read a straight out brag (“I get hit on all the time”) or a humblebrag (“Just rolled out of bed and still get hit on all the time, so annoying.”) and then asked the study’s participants to rate the attractiveness of the person behind the statement. Ultimately, humblebraggers were consistently rated as less attractive than the braggers.

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Ultimately, the study concluded: “Faced with the choice to (honestly) brag or (deceptively) humble brag would-be self-promoters should choose the former — and at least reap the rewards of seeming sincere.”

And there you have it, don’t be afraid to let your brag flag fly, because people seem to hate humblebraggers even more.