Rejoice: Hulu Just Launched a Searchable GIF Bank

Leah Bourne


Admit it: You spend a solid portion of your day looking for the perfect GIF of Olivia Pope swilling red wine, Mindy Kaling dancing, or Cookie from “Empire” doing, well, anything. Thanks to Hulu, you now might be able to get some work done at the office going forward, while still inserting that perfect moving image into emails.

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The online video service just launched The Perfect GIF, a Tumblr-based, searchable GIF bank featuring images from your favorite TV shows—everything from “The Office” to “Scandal.”

But here’s why you should be extra pumped about this: Because Hulu controls the licensing, these are high-quality GIFs, much better than the DIY ones you try you make on your own, or find within the depths of the Internet.


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Also, the site not only let’s you search by your favorite TV shows (only ones that are available on Hulu, of course) it also let’s you search by emotion including “OMG,” “Fail,” and “Swag.”

Okay, forget what we said earlier, it’ll be a miracle if we get an hour of work done today.