Hugh Jackman: Oscars Host Extraordinaire Loses Temper Over a Ringing Cell Phone


We have all made the innocent mistake of forgetting to silence our cell phones. But typically, the worst-case scenario involves your Madonna ringtone going off during a pivotal scene in a movie theatre, or Lady Gaga briefly serenading your job interviewer.

But imagine, just imagine, being the forgetful one who finds themselves at the receiving end of a public attack by a world-famous movie star whose tense Broadway scene was just interrupted by your mother calling. That was precisely the fate for one unlucky theatre-goer in New York this week, who, when his phone went off during a particularly tense moment of Hugh Jackman‘s Broadway play A Steady Rain, prompted the former Oscar host to actually break character to scold him. Breaking his scene with Daniel Craig, the typically-jovial Jackman menacingly asked the offending patron, “Are you going to get that?”

The threat of getting yelled at by Wolverine is enough for us to put our phones on silent right now.