Hudgens Sets Good Example, Gets Naked…Again


Unless you’re Kate Winslet or there is truly an Oscar on the line, it’s hard to get away with claiming your reason for nudity onscreen is “a sacrifice for your art.” Any American Pie extra would laugh at the notion; not our lovely Disney-spawn Vanessa Hudgens. Oh, no.

After her underage nude photos were splashed all over the web, and she cried and lectured HSM fans to think carefully about their preadolescent actions, she admitted to E!Online that she would accept a body-baring film role “when the time was right.” Not if, but when. Apparently the time is now.

In the upcoming film titled Sucker Punch, Hudgens will be playing a hooker named Blondie, set in a 1950s brothel, and clothes are scantily involved in the plot. IMDB describes the film as “a young girl institutionalized by her wicked stepfather…invisions a plan which will help her escape the facility.”

We’re all pulling for you and that Oscar, Vanessa. So are Drake and Josh, the twins from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Jamie Lynn Spears.