This $15 Kitchen Tool Chops & Mashes Food At The Same Time

Katie Decker-Jacoby
This $15 Kitchen Tool Chops & Mashes Food At The Same Time

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We’ve covered tons of quirky kitchen gadgets and the one thing they all have in common is their ability to save you time and energy. There’s nothing better than finding a cool cooking contraption that makes your life more stress-free and your dishes tastier. When we discovered this unique tool, we knew it belonged with the others in our kitchen gadget hall of fame.

Curtis Stone’s Dual-Sided Chop and Mash gadget is the genius invention you’ve been missing out on. You can easily break up food and then mash it with each respective side of this 2-in-1 utensil. It might sound odd, but the design is more useful than you’d think. For example, if you have a peeled avocado, you can use it to cut it up into smaller pieces with the chopping side and then crush it into a guac consistency with the mashing side. The utensil eliminates the need for using a bunch of different kitchen tools and then having to make space for all of them and also wash them.

With the Dual-Sided Chop and Mash, you can cube beef directly in a pan, mush bananas in a bowl or even smash walnuts in a baking dish. No cutting board, knives or food processors necessary.

“I always hated cooking ground beef or pork and all the chopping with a fork or spoon,” wrote one shopper who gave it a five-star rating. “This thing cuts it up with a few moves. So glad I got it.”

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Curtis Stone Dual-Sided Chop and Mash HSN

Photo: Curtis Stone.

This neat little cooking utensil has a ton of features that might not be apparent upon first glance. It can stand upright regardless of which side you’re using, it has an ergonomic handle that gives you plenty of grip and it has high heat resistance (i.e. for breaking up a slab of meat straight in the pan). The Dual-Sided Chop and Mash is also dishwasher-safe and easy to store in your kitchen drawer or utensil holder.

“I do a lot of ground beef and have been watching this product for a while. One of my favorite kitchen tools I’ve ever purchased. Makes life so much easier,” wrote one reviewer. 

Soon enough, you’ll be making the most delicious ground beef tacos, mashed potatoes and graham cracker cheesecake crusts, all the while saving time, energy and space in the kitchen.

“This is my favorite kitchen tool! I’ve seen them with just a straight handle, but I don’t like that kind. It’s much easier to hold this one without bothering my wrist at all,” wrote another shopper. “It shreds my chicken very nicely. It breaks up my hamburger very well also. Any meat I’ve cooked that I need minced up or ground up or shredded has been awesome!”

We don’t know about you, but we’re weak for anything that makes cooking easier and faster. For $15, you can have a multi-tasking kitchen utensil that can chop and mash at the same time. Plus, it’s made by the legendary Australian celebrity chef, Curtis Stone, meaning it’s definitely top chef-worthy.

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