How to Transition Your Outfit from Work to a Date


So you have a date after work, but no time to go home and change into something a little more appropriate. It seems excessive and unnecessary to keep a whole different wardrobe under your desk stashed for such occasions. But, since we’ve all been in this situation, it is something we need to resolve. Read below to find several practical suggestions for how to go from day to night as easily as possible.

The Basics:

If I’ve learned anything about fashion, it’s that when in doubt, choose black. Basics take you a long way, so there’s no reason to dress in multiple trends at once. The more simple the outfit you wear to work (which will look professional as daywear), the more you can do with accessorizes, making it evening-friendly. Basics are great for dates, as they act as a blank canvas. If you want to go the fancier route, wear a black dress with a flattering neckline, such as this 7 For All Mankind one. To make it more work appropriate, cover it up with a cardigan and save the heels for your hot date! For a more laid back look, wear skinny black jeans, paired with a nice top, like this one from J.Crew.



The easiest way to transform an outfit is to accessorize with statement pieces. Generally we tend to wear subtle jewelry at work to keep things simple. This is quite the opposite when deciding what to wear on a date. Each piece of jewelry makes a difference in dressing up and personalizing your outfit. If you usually dress on the more conservative side, take a risk and choose something bolder, that you wouldn’t normally wear. This will for sure attract his attention. Swap out your brooch for this chunky necklace from Urban Outfitters (the bigger the better), or add a splash of sparkle with this cocktail ring from Topshop. You can never go wrong by choosing one piece of jewelry, whether it is a bracelet, necklace or earrings, and making it the main focus of your outfit. In fact, to create a chic and effortless look, you only need a black dress and one piece of statement jewelry.



From Flats to Heels:

Heels instantaneously glam up any outfit and make for a more pulled-together look. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman in a pair of stilettos, so trade the flats you wore to work for high heels or wedges. In the winter or rainy weather, high heeled boots, such as these by Steve Madden. Just be sure to get them weather proofed!


Stay Warm:

With the weather becoming increasingly colder, layering is a must. It’s always better to wear too many layers than not enough, especially in windy cities. This works well in the winter when it’s absolutely freezing outside, but super toasty inside your office. You’ll be prepared for both temperatures. Start with a knit hat, the perfect way to keep warm and stay stylish. Try this J.Crew hat. Next you just need an equally cute, fitted jacket, like this military style one from Banana Republic, and you’ll be ready to bear any type of weather!


Do you have any other tips on how to make the clothing transition from work to date time as painless as possible?