Hate Wearing Tights in the Winter? 35 Outfits That’ll Change Your Mind

Kristen Bousquet

Just because the weather is in the negatives and there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean skirts and dresses are kicked out of our wardrobes! Sure, certain pieces look better with a bare leg, but winter tights can elevate an outfit amazingly well, while keeping us warm at the same time.

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Tights also have the ability to slim your leg—there’s nothing more flattering than an opaque black pair, but colored and patterns version also have their place, enlivening even the most drab winter pieces.

And here’s an extra tip: If you’re someone who always finds runs in your tights, freezing them will make them last longer!

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We’ve gathered some of our favorite street style looks featuring tights that are perfect to copy this winter! Click through the slideshow to check them out.

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