Timberland Boots are Still Going Strong: 15 Outfits That Prove It

Kristen Bousquet
Timberland Boots are Still Going Strong: 15 Outfits That Prove It
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Ever since we started seeing some of our favorite celebrities like Beyoncé and Cara Delevingne sporting Timberlands last year, we (along with lots and lots of style bloggers) became obsessed with the idea of styling the classic work boot with fashion-forward outfits. Turns out, the style set is still doing it—and doing it well.

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What you might not know about Timberland: The brand was founded by Nathan Swartz in 1973 and quickly became known for its durable footwear, instantly becoming the go-to shoe for construction workers, lumberjacks, and other men whose jobs were at the mercy of Mother Nature. This influence then filtered down to streetwear in the late-’80s and ’90s thanks to hip hop culture, which appropriated Timbs and showed the world a stylish side of the functional boots.

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This winter, we’re seeing women pair their ankle-length Timbs with everything from skinny jeans to dresses and tights. If you’re still not sure how to style yours and look feminine and fashion forward, click through the gallery now for 15 killer ideas!