30 Modern Ways to Pull Off Polka Dots

Kristen Bousquet
30 Modern Ways to Pull Off Polka Dots
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Quick: Think back to the outfits your mom picked out for you as a kid. If you’re anything like us, the odds of you envisioning some type of getup covered in polka dots are fairly large. Despite the pattern having a reputation for being somewhat twee or overly retro, there are ways to wear the trend without looking like a child (or a Minnie Mouse impersonator.)

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The trick to pulling off polka dots and looking like an adult?  Keep those dots fairly small, or—if you favor large round circles—keep the rest of your outfits minimal.

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To show you how it’s done, we’ve gathered 30 bloggers and street style stars who each put their own unique—and chic—spin on the classic pattern.

Flip through the slideshow above, and let us know: What’s your favorite way to wear polka dots?