20 Fresh Ways to Work Neon into Your Summer Wardrobe

Kristen Bousquet
20 Fresh Ways to Work Neon into Your Summer Wardrobe
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Whether you’re aware of it or not, your wardrobe’s color palette tends to shift with each new season. Fall typically brings with it outerwear in black, gray, and navy, deep denim, and neutral knits, spring lends itself to fresh pastels, and summer is the time to break out bright, juicy, punchy neon pieces.

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Apart from looking incredibly chic when paired with black and white pieces, pops of neon has our hearts thanks to its slightly retro vibe. We might be dating ourselves when you admit that electric hues brings us back to our childhoods, when Sweet Valley High books ruled, we saved up for black rollerblades with acid-yellow wheels, and Lisa Frank stickers occupied most of our free time.

The good news: Even if you’re too young to relate to the above, odds are you’re stylish enough to appreciate the above 20 ways to work neon into your summer wardrobe!