How To Wear Leather This Fall: Tips From Designer Rebecca Taylor

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01 244 How To Wear Leather This Fall: Tips From Designer Rebecca Taylor

Aside from that standby Fall fabric denim, leather is probably the number one way to dress up your wardrobe during the cooler months of the year. While it’s become increasingly trendy over the past year, it’s always been a key part of any stylish woman’s closet: from shoes to bags to jackets, leather is a pre-requisite to chic.

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New York-based designer Rebecca Taylor has long been a fan of using the material in accents and details in her clothes, but now she’s taken her love for the edgy fabric to a new level. Taylor has launched a leather-focused capsule collection for this fall, including jackets, pants, blouses, and dresses with leather as the focal point.

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The designer sat down with StyleCaster to talk leather, and how to incorporate her beloved fabric into your everyday Fall wear. Then head to Rebecca Taylor to see the full line!

StyleCaster: Why did you decide to do a leather capsule now? Can you describe your fascination with this particular fabric?
Rebecca Taylor: We’ve always had a few leather pieces on the line, but this Fall I was really feeling a larger assortment, whether it was a leather pencil skirt, top, or leather detailing on a great jacket or coat. Leather just looks so elevated.

What is your favorite thing about leather?
Its versatility – it can be done in so many colors and silhouettes, and it looks great paired with nearly every other fabric.

What are some easy ways women can work leather into their Fall wardrobes in chic ways?
It’s all in the details. If you are hesitant to wear full-on leather such as pants or a moto jacket, you can wear a piece that just has leather detailing, like a top with leather sleeves.

What are some of your favorite ways to wear leather?
I’m really fond of the olive moto pant that we did, I pair it with a silk tee or a tweed peplum top.

What’s your advice on how to style leather, particularly for women who might be afraid of the edgier reputation it tends to carry?
You can soften it easily. If you wear our leather pencil skirt, for example, you can pair it with a light silk or sheer blouse.

What are some key leather pieces every woman has to have in her closet?
A leather jacket is an investment piece; it’s one of those pieces that actually looks better with age. And I think a leather skirt is great because it goes with everything you probably already have – a tee shirt, a sweater, a blouse.

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