30 Ways to Wear Your Denim Cutoffs All Summer

Kristen Bousquet
30 Ways to Wear Your Denim Cutoffs All Summer
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No matter what your specific taste, there are a few things you’ll agree are essential to a warm weather wardrobe: An all-purpose dress, a killer pair of sandals, and—of course—denim cutoff shorts.

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Whether short and high-waisted, cool and loose, distressed, or some combination of each, a pair of denim cutoffs can effortlessly carry you through the entire season, from days at the each to nights on the town. Plus, they’re one of the few pieces that are absolutely timeless—you’ll never hear anyone say denim shorts are “so last year.”

Another amazing benefit: You can find them anywhere from Goodwill to Barneys, and—if you’re DIY savvy—you can make your own with an old pair of jeans and some scissors.

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Since they’re such a summer staple, several top bloggers pretty much live in denim cutoffs, yet all manage to style them in their own unique ways. Here, 30 looks to inspire you when you’re jonesing to pair your cutoffs with something other than a plain white t-shirt for any occasion this summer.

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