6 Ways to Wear Booties This Spring

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6 Ways to Wear Booties This Spring
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As we’ve seen, the question of  how to wear your winter clothes in the springtime can be a tough nut to crack. With clothing, it seems simple enough—combining winter staples like sweaters and jackets with spring-friendly prints and colors. With shoes, it’s a whole different story. Are you supposed to abandon your boots the second spring starts in favor of warm-weather favorites like ballet flats and sandals, even if the weather isn’t that warm? In a word, no.

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That’s why booties are pretty much the perfect solution. Unlike their knee-high, fur-lined, snow-ready cousins, booties take up relatively little real estate on your body, making them more apt to work as part of a warm-weather ensemble. And when you also factor in that booties can also be open-toed, it’s a double-whammy of sartorial, spring savvy.

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Click through the gallery above to see six totally wearable ways to pull off booties in the spring. Your shoe budget will thank us!

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1. Don't fear the open toes.

Open-toed booties are often a heated topic of debate in the style world. Are they chic, are they not? What's the point in having a boot that exposes your toes? It seems counterintuitive, except that they are basically the perfect Spring shoe (sorry, slip-on sneakers). They look really stylish with short skirts and dresses, and you'll be thankful for the literal open-endedness when your feet are easy to air out.

We love how this look perfectly straddles the Winter-Spring line: open-toed booties, a pop of color from the draped leather jacket, and a short skirt.

2. Reach for color.

Nothing says "Spring" like color, right? While black booties are a staple and certainly have their place, when the weather starts to warm up but you just can't part ways with your bootie family, wearing a pair in a bright color is a great compromise.

Another option if bright colors aren't your thing: a pair in a light, almost-neutral shade. No Spring wardrobe is complete without a pair of shoes in a washed-out shade.

3. Pair them with a crop top.

Sometimes, in fashion, there's nothing better than leaving people guessing. A sure way to do that: team up a pair of booties with an on-trend, spring-ready crop top. 

4. It's all about the leg.

If at all possible, and if you feel comfortable doing so, show off as much leg as you can whilst wearing booties in the Spring. Because nothing says "this is not a Winter look" like bare thighs.

Legs for days.

5. Make sure they're breathable.

Another element crucial to Spring booties: breathability. Sometimes, an open toe just won't suffice—you need a major lace-up situation that shows off a lot of your foot underneath the boot. These styles seem to be everywhere right now, and they look stylish with pretty much everything.

Another highly breathable fabric that makes sense in Spring: lace.

Here we bear witness to a double whammy: a breathable bootie in a light and airy shade.

6. Show those ankle bones.

The best way to ensure your bootie look is seasonally appropriate is to make it barely look like you're wearing booties at all! With the mule craze set to take off at any moment, it shouldn't be too tough to find plenty of options that hit below the ankle.

A brilliant combination: a below-the-ankle pair of black booties with an all-white ensemble.

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