Winter Outfit We Love: How To Wear Baggy Jeans and a Leather Jacket Like a Pro

baggy jeans styled with leather jacket

Every day this week, we’ll be posting one winter outfit that we think is a total home run. Meaning, everything about the look works from top to bottom, and it’s not only stylish, but also unique, comfortable, and totally worth copying. Today: A look that proves, sometimes, the most basic pieces can often create the coolest outfit.  

As much as we value creativity and idiosyncrasy when it comes to personal style, in today’s “hey, street style photographer, notice me!” world, it’s occasionally refreshing to see an amazingly stylish outfit that’s comprised of basic staples like baggy jeans and a leather jacket. Read on to find out what worked here!

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Proportion: Both her jeans and her moto jacket are perfectly proportioned—not too tight and not too loose—which creates a louche, easygoing appearance. (Read: one that’s most definitely not trying too hard.)

The Accessories: We love that this gal offset the inherent toughness of the look with a small hot-pink leather pouch (so in right now!), and leopard-print scarf.

The Boots: She easily could have rocked a pair of heels or ho-hum ankle boots, but she choose an interesting pair of lace-ups with silver hardware detail. A wise choice, we say!

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Are you a fan of this winter outfit, and do you think it’s worth copying? Let us know below, and check out every other look we loved this week here! 

Photo: Imaxtree