4 Ways to Pull Off a Puffy Coat And Still Look Slim This Winter

Meghan Blalock

If you’re like much of the country and live anywhere remotely cold during the fall and winter months, you probably own a puffy coat, jacket, vest, or any number of iterations of the voluminous outerwear. There’s no shame here: the cotton or down-filled creations are incredibly warm, and what they lack in style, they make up for in practicality. It’s virtually impossible to feel a windchill in these puppies.

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However, they tend to get a bad rap in the fashion world; after all, it’s tough to look chic in something so inherently squishy and utilitarian. But we were determined to figure it out, and came up with four fabulous ways to wear your beloved puffer this season without looking like a totally unstylish marshmallow.

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Read on for our tricks!

chic puffy jacket

Image via Refinery29

1. Rock one that has contrast piping.

A petite puffer in a dark color with a lighter-toned contrast piping will work wonders for your frame, adding instant minimizing where there normally wouldn’t be any. The white detailing in this puffer, for example, draws your eye to the middle of the wearer’s frame, immediately slimming her down.

black puffer

2. Wear it as part of an all black and white ensemble.

Not unlike standard dressing, the best way to slim down using only your clothing is to dress in only two colors, preferably the old standbys of black and white. If you have a puffer in a classic black colorway, try it over a white T-shirt or blouse, open in the front and with a pair of fitted pants. If you want a bit of color, add a pop with a scarf or a handbag.

3. Opt for the style in a long, feminine silhouette.

A more daring, unapologetic take on the puffer: a long coat with a cinched waist. These are harder to come by, but we found a cute option from French Connection at an affordable price. And if the coat doesn’t have a natural waistline, just throw a belt over it, and voila!

puffy coat wayne tippetts

Photo via Wayne Tippetts

4. Wear a petite one with smaller puffs, and super-skinny jeans.

When it comes to puffer jackets, think: the more compact, the better. This applies not only to the length of the jacket, but also to the size of the puffs. As seen in all four styles above, the overcoats come in a number of different iterations and thicknesses; smaller puffs that occur in a higher number tend to take up less width, thereby making you look less puffy and more snuggly. Then throw on your favorite super-skinny jeans to complete the sleek look.

For a stylish selection of outerwear in the puffy style—from designer labels like Burberry, Calvin Klein, Nanette Lepore, and more—head to Polyvore!