30 Ways to Reinvent the Halter Top

Kristen Bousquet
30 Ways to Reinvent the Halter Top
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The reputation of the humble halter top, sadly, probably precedes it. It’s hard not to think of sorority girls chugging $1 Alabama Slammers, overeager New Year’s Eve partygoers, and Paris Hilton circa 2002 when the staple of early-aughts “going-out” apparel comes up. And while the idea of a halter top isn’t terrible—they’re less revealing than most tanks, and most women aren’t afraid to show off their shoulders—they can be quite unfortunate when rendered in satin, sequins, or an amalgamation of both.

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But! Before you discount ’em, check out how 30 modern women are reinventing the halter neck—both with tops and dresses—by sticking to solid colors and minimal cuts.

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