Apparently, We’re Walking in High Heels Wrong—According to a Man

Leah Bourne
highheels Apparently, Were Walking in High Heels Wrong—According to a Man

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding/Le 21ème

There’s no two ways about it: Walking in high heels isn’t easy, no matter who you are. But famous etiquette expert William Hanson—yes, a man—thinks us women have been doing it all wrong.

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Before you roll your eyes, Hanson actually practiced walking in high heels with model agent Pam Holt and walked away from the experience with a few tips, which he shared with The Daily Mail.

Considering how hard heels can be, we don’t see the harm in giving some of these a try.

1. There’s a specific way we should be putting on our high heels.
“Point toes…arch foot and slide into heel,” Hanson says. “Wiggle those toes to spread out and settle in their new, rather cramped, home.”

2. It’s all about posture.
“Before you can even think about moving, make sure you are standing correctly. So few of us today (of either sex) have good posture thanks to spending far too long slumped over computers.”

3. This is how to stand.
“Roll your shoulders quite far back, imagine you are pushing them over a garden fence and back down the other side. Your hands should be behind the seam of your trousers/skirt and your chin should be parallel to the floor.”

4. Right before you are ready to walk, do this.
“Clench your bottom, tip your pelvis slightly up and let your hips take you forward… Your waist plays no part in all this, it just remains straight and motionless.”

5. And this is how you should walk.
“Push your weight through the pelvis. Your ankle gets lifted up, knee bent and then straighten onto the floor. A traditional walk is heel-toe, and whilst in heels this is still true, it shouldn’t be as pronounced as when in flat shoes.”

And there you have it. Have you been walking in high heels wrong this whole time? Are you rolling your eyes that a man thinks he has it mastered? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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