Curling Iron 101: Learn How To (Really) Use The Tool In Under a Minute

 Curling Iron 101: Learn How To (Really) Use The Tool In Under a Minute

Okay ladies, we’re officially in the swing of fall, which means we’re starting to really think about some new ways to bump up our beauty routines.

One area where this is particularly important: Our hair. We’re sure you can agree that once summer’s easy-breezy mentality ends, we all want to look a little more polished. One easy way to do it? By creating chic loose waves with a curling iron.

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What’s awesome about using a curling iron to wave your hair is that you have total control over how much curl you actually want, and what type. Whether you’re aiming for a head full of fun ringlets, or a few bendy pieces to give your hair some texture, it can all be done with one tool.

However, so many of us girls are at a loss when it comes to knowing how to really use a curling iron at home. How to hold it, how to maneuver it, and how to make it work for our hair textures. Luckily, the below how-to video covers it all, and teaches how to (really) use the tool in under a minute!

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