7 Easy Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Major Refresh

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You may be looking at your bedroom and wishing it looked more like a plush boudoir than just a room with a bed. You may even sigh and say, “Where do I start?” Well rest assured, I have seven designer tips to transform your bedroom into the boudoir of your dreams.




First things first, now is the perfect time to refresh your linens. For a modern look, consider neutral tones with a mixture of textures like silk, velvets, and jacquard fabrics to add some depth to your bedding. You can never go wrong with white linens, they will transform any bedroom into a five-star hotel suite.




Lighting is so important to set the mood in the bedroom. When you add task or accent lighting to a bedroom the wattage is much lower, and the space feels much more intimate. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to put them on dimmers, too. Also, when you show lighting in pairs, it adds symmetry to your room. Not to mention, it looks hot!




Adding personal touches, like a wall gallery, is a great way to elevate the look of your bedroom. Buying small pieces of original artwork or collecting clippings from magazines are great ways to infuse your personality into your bedroom. Similar to this wall gallery above, consider having a theme for the images you select like fashion, music, or movies, and break it up with a little quirk like one frame being a different color from the rest.




If you are planning to go with white linens on your bed, a great way to inject some color and pattern into your room can be with the help of an area rug. A good rug can add warmth to your bedroom, and it’s another way to elevate the look of your bedroom from okay to awesome. Also, if you have a space with hardwood floors, area rugs are ideal to cut down on sound, and even required if you want to be a good neighbor to the tenants below you.




The right accent pillow can really romance a space. Purchasing just the right selection of pillows can change the whole look and feel of your bed. For a modern look, like what’s pictured above, think about neutral tones, textures, and maybe a fun quote.




Even in the smallest spaces, adding some seating like a chair or a chaise (if the space permits) will enhance the design of your bedroom. If you want it to look drool-worthy, don’t forget to drape the seating area with a sheepskin, add in a small accent table, or sprinkle in metallic accents to make it a little oasis in the corner of your room.

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Bar carts don’t have to be reserved just for the dining room. A bar cart can serve dual purposes as a nightstand, a small desk, and a great spot for extra snacks (or drinks) at the end of the night. When you wheel a bar cart into the bedroom, don’t just put the drinks on it, consider adding in some dessert plates, a bowl of strawberries, and a tray of chocolate sweets.

With these seven steps, you cannot go wrong redesigning your plain Jane bedroom into the boudoir of your dreams!

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