You Can Now Buy a $50 Device to Take Better Selfies

File this under things that aren’t at all surprising, but are pretty ridiculous: You can now buy something called a telescoping selfie stick to take better photos of yourself. 



The $50 device—which is essentially a stick with a clip attached—is an “arm” that extends over three feet out so you can take photos without typical selfie angles (it even features a built-in mirror for self-positioning.)

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The Sharper Image is trying to position the tool as a handy travel apparatus (“Need a great souvenir shot on your next solo vacation? No problem! Just use the Telescoping Selfie Arm. It holds your camera or smartphone over three feet away so you can compose a great shot all by yourself” reads the product description), though we have a feeling more than one Instagram-obsessed fashion girl owns this already.

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The site features images of folks using the telescoping arm while they’re engaged in activities they’ll want to remember (as opposed to being in their bedroom trying on clothes), but we kinda have to wonder what you’re supposed to do with the device while—for example—you’re scuba diving at the bottom of the ocean after you’ve snapped the selfie. It’s not like you can just throw it back into your new Céline bag (although you can use it to snap pics of said bag from every angle imaginable.)

What do you think? Is the telescopic selfie arm brilliant or absurd? Weigh in below! 

selfie stick

Dude, pay attention to flying the plane.

selfie stick

Where’s she going to put it after she’s done taking pictures?