8 Tips and Tricks to Help You Style Your Instagram Photos Like a Blogger

Kristen Bousquet
8 Tips and Tricks to Help You Style Your Instagram Photos Like a Blogger
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Let’s be real, all of the bloggers out there today have some serious skills when it comes to the pro-quality photos they’re posting on social media—and sometimes they make our own feeds look kinda sad in comparison. The good news here? Styling photos like your favorite bloggers is easier than you might think, and you’re just a couple of Instagram photography tips away from an expert-looking page.

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Whether you’re photographing your chic outfit of the day, the avocado toast you ate for lunch, or the girly stationery you’re using at your desk, you really can do it just like a fashion blogger would.

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Since we all want our photos to look as cool as those of the fashion bloggers we follow, we’re sharing some of the top tricks for how to execute Instagram photos that look professionally styled.

Originally published December 2014. Updated March 2017.

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8 Tips & Tricks to help you style your Instagram photos like a Pro Blogger | @stylecaster | Instagram styling + photography ideas

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1. Create a theme

Even if you're focusing a photo on a pair of shoes you want to show off, showing a related item will add the perfect extra something to your photo. We love how this blogger showed off her gray and neon green sneakers but added in the perfect touch of matching tennis balls to create a story and add a pop of color into her photo.

Photo: Instagram/@bittersweetcolours

2. Play with the birds-eye view

We have to say, we're huge fans of the birds-eye view when it comes to Instagram photos (otherwise known as flatlays). This way of shooting has an added bonus: It helps to eliminate problems with pesky shadows.

Photo: Instagram/@littlemissfearlessblog

3. Don't be afraid of texture. 

Rather than using a plain white background for all of your photos, don't be afriad to play with cool textures like blankets, fur, and even rugs. Fun textures will add a cool touch to your photos and also help add to the story you're trying to tell. In this photo, we love how comfortable and "lazy Sunday" the photo feels since the blogger added in a nice textured blanket as her background.

Photo: Instagram/@truelane

4. Bright colors are always the most eye-catching.

People scroll through feeds fast, you need to have something that can help grab their attention and color will do just that. Whether it's beautifully coordinated pastels or a bright graffiti wall you saw in a city, brights are a great way to earn "likes."

Photo: Instagram/@styleme.yesterday

5. Perfect lighting makes a photo

Lighting may seem like such an obvious thing, but not everyone understands just how important it is when creating photos. To get the best results, photograph in natural light. Whether that means heading outside or opening the blinds in your apartment, getting your shot lit by natural light may make the difference between a great photo and one that's just OK.

Photo: Instagram/@kbousq

6. You don't always have to include the entire item you're photographing into one frame

This goes along with playing with angles. Rather than shooting the item you're focusing on head-on and trying to fit the entire item into one frame, you can always cut off the sides a bit to create a more enticing photo.

Photo: Instagram/@lekkerensimpel

7. When shooting outfits, opt for a simple back drop

When you're posting a photo of an outfit, you want that outfit to be the main attraction of your photo. Opting for a simple background can really make your outfit pop in the photo.

Photo: Instagram/@fashionhoax

8. Organization is key

When photographing, make sure that you have the entire frame of your photo together before you actually shoot it. If you're shooting a flatlay, make sure that everything is clean (it sounds obvious, but just make sure). If you're shooting an outfit, make sure there isn't visible trash on the ground, or anything that might be distracting. It's all in details!

Photo: Instagram/@strandarcade

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8 Tips & Tricks to help you style your Instagram photos like a Pro Blogger | @stylecaster | Instagram styling + photography ideas