25 Cool Ways to Work the Season’s Suede Trend

Kristen Bousquet
25 Cool Ways to Work the Season’s Suede Trend
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You can incorporate unique colors or silhouettes into your outfit to make any outfit more interesting, but one way we love to spice up our wardrobe is to play with textures—suede being one of our favorites. To help you stay looking stylish, there are some simple tips and tricks on how to style suede without looking like you just teleported from a bad ’70s movie, or a Cowboys and Indians flick.

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When worn in moderation, suede can add the simple little touch that your outfit needs to be more exciting. Opt for a pair of suede knee high boots with a pair of jeans, a simple suede jacket on top of your favorite t-shirt or a cool suede wide-brim hat with your favorite dress.

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To show you just how badly you need some suede in your wardrobe, we’ve gathered 25 killer looks featuring the material. Click through the slideshow to check them out!