30 Ways to Jazz Up a Classic Black Coat

Kristen Bousquet
30 Ways to Jazz Up a Classic Black Coat
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It’s that one coat we all have. It’s plain black, a classic style, and one you can pair with just about anything. While an advantage of wearing black is the fact that it goes with everything, styling the basic black coat can sometimes get, well, a bit boring.

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But no fear! With a little street style inspiration, you can turn any outfit featuring a classic black coat into something stylish, trendy and totally interesting. Whether it’s wearing it on your shoulders or pairing it with some really bright turtleneck, it’s simple to spice this trend up.

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We’ve found some of the most stylish outfits from bloggers featuring a classic black coat that will be super easy for you to copy at home. Click through the slideshow to see them now!