BTS Just Confirmed Their ‘Break the Silence’ Docuseries & Here’s How to Stream It

Photo: Ben Hider/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

ARMYs, the rumors were true: BTS is releasing a new documentary! But it’s taking on a different form than many may have expected. Instead of a traditional 90-minute film, the Bangtan Boys are premiering their first docuseries. If now you’re wondering how to stream BTS’ Break the Silence: Docuseries, we’ve got those tips and more below.

BTS finally confirmed the upcoming release of the Break the Silence: Docuseries on Tuesday, April 21 after months of speculation by ARMYs that something of this magnitude was on its way. As early as August 2019, ARMYs caught wind of some hints about the series when BTS leader RM alluded to it during a VLIVE broadcast. At the time, Namjoon pretty much crashed Jimin’s VLIVE and accidentally asked, “The show isn’t out yet, right? The one where we talk about our vacation?” Jimin tried to shut down the clue, responding, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But it was too late—ARMYs had already picked up on the secret.

By March 2020, RM couldn’t help himself from hinting at the series even further. On the same day that rumors of a then-unconfirmed BTS documentary began to circulate, the 25-year-old BTS member hosted another revealing VLIVE. He didn’t explicitly mention the title—which, at the time, keen fans already knew had been copyrighted by Big Hit Three Sixty (a.k.a., a sub-branch of Big Hit Entertainment). But he did admit that he and the guys had just returned from filming something; possibly, final scenes for the series?

Now ARMYs know for sure. The BTS Break the Silence: Docuseries is officially on its way, with its first two episodes expected to premiere on May 12, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. EST. Fans can expect to see a multi-part documentary that will “follow the 351-day journey from the Love Yourself Tour to Speak Yourself Tour.” But where, exactly, can ARMYs stream it?

According to their announcement, the series will be available to stream exclusively on Weverse. It isn’t currently clear how many episodes are expected to air in the series, but we do know that fans can already start pre-ordering the series on April 28, beginning at 5:00 a.m. EST. With this and confirmed new music on the way, ARMYs can’t complain.

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