BTS’ Concert Marathon Event ‘Bang Bang Con’ Is Coming Soon—Here’s How to Stream It

Photo: Ben Hider/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

It’s official: We’re getting a BTS concert livestream. The Bangtan Boys made the announcement via their label Big Hit Entertainment on April 9, revealing their plans for an “online concert weekend” affair—but now some ARMYs are still left wondering how to stream BTS’ Bang Bang Con. In case you’ve heard the news and just weren’t sure, we’ve got those details and more, right here.

Fans of BTS can expect the “Bang Bang Con” to essentially look like a marathon of concerts, spanning since BTS’ early days. According to Big Hit Entertainment’s social posts, it will kick off on Saturday, April 18 at noon KST. If you’re watching from the U.S., however, that would be Friday, April 17 at 11 p.m. EST (nothing like staying up late for the BTS boys, am I right?). On their first “leg” of the concert stream, BTS are showing live concert footage from their 2015 화양연화 (HYYH) live concert, 2016’s HYYH Epilogue, 2016’s 3rd Muster, and 2014’s Red Bullet Live trilogy. Which is… a lot. Expect this to take up all of your day (or night).

If you’re still awake (!!) or find time the next day, BTS’ Bang Bang Con will continue into Day 2 on April 19 with several more live concerts: 2017’s Wings Tour live in Seoul, Wings Tour: The Final, 2018’s 4th Muster, and another Seoul concert from 2018’s Love Yourself tour. This is the first time that ARMYs will be able to watch these concerts consecutively, let alone for free, as all of them were only available previously for purchase in the past.

Given recent troubles worldwide, BTS have made sure to do everything possible to make this time more comfortable for their fans. Already, ARMYs can expect delays on BTS’ next album. Doing things like donating to affected communities and heading into more VLIVE chats have been one big way to make up for it—but the Bang Bang Con is shaping up to be the biggest gesture yet.

As with these other forms of outreach, the hosting platform for BTS’ Bang Bang Con is staying as accessible as possible. ARMYs will be able to tune in to the concert livestream on YouTube via BTS’ BANGTANTV from anywhere around the world.