6 Seriously Creative Ways to Store Your Nail Polish

Kristen Bousquet
6 Seriously Creative Ways to Store Your Nail Polish
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If you’re a beauty lover, chances are you hoard all kinds of cosmetics—including nail polishes. Because there are so many different, unique colors (and obviously, you need them all even when they’re just a tiny bit different from each other) finding a way to keep them organized is important so that it’s easy to choose when you’re ready to paint your nails.

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While those of us lazy folks would just toss them into our designated nail polish shoe box, there are tons of other ways to store your nail polishes that are way more creative, organized and just plain stylish.

We’re scoured the web and found some of the most modern, organized and chic ways to store your nail polishes to keep your products in order. Click through our slideshow above for the ultimate source of inspiration.

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If you have a mirror or a picture that has a ledge on it, this is the perfect place to store your nail polishes. It's a great way to add a little color to any plain space all while displaying your polishes for easy picking.

Photo: Design Sponge

With products that you can get for less than your daily cup of Starbucks, you can create your own cake stand that will easily display all your nail polishes. It's also simple to customize this display according to how many polishes because you can layer as many plates as you desire.

Photo: Dollar Tree

If you're someone who loves vintage and repurposing, an easy and inexpensive way to store your nail polishes is by putting them in vintage or antique boxes that you can find at local antique shops, thrift shops or even from your parents or grandparents.

Photo: Grease and Glamour

Picture frames come in handy for many things and using your picture frame as a holder for your nail polish is probably one you've never considered—until now. Again, you can find quirky picture frames from antique shops, thrift shops or yard sales super cheap and all you have to do it lay them down and organize your polishes on top!

Photo: Mr. Kate

Having a lazy Sunday? This is the perfect DIY project to start on that you can finish in just a few hours. Take a trip to your local hardware store, grab some wood and nails and you can build your own nail polish shelving unit in a matter of minutes!

Photo: Zygomatics

While this method of displaying polishes may require a tutorial, it's totally worth it once you've finished. Using PVC and wire shelves, you can make a super organized and unique display to show off all your polishes!

Photo: Mad in Crafts

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