How to Spice Up Your Outfit: Designer Chris Benz Shares His Tips

Meghan Blalock

Take it from us: at any given fashion event in New York, it can be hard to spot the designer in the room. Many of them have styles that might, at best, be described as toned down.

Not so with Chris Benz, the omnipresent, ultra-fun designer who might otherwise be known as that guy with bright pink hair. This alone, of course, makes him the perfect source on how to spice up a boring winter outfit.

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Photo: Courtesy of London Fog

“I always think knitwear is a great way to brighten up a winter wardrobe,” Benz told StyleCaster at London Fog’s “Reimagine the Rain” event in New York. “Cashmere and other natural fibers can physically dye up and become these really beautiful colors, which is why when you think of cashmere sweaters, there’s a million different colors! In terms of being warm and functional, knitwear is really where it’s at. [You can’t go wrong] with bright cardigan!”

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Interestingly, unlike advise we’ve heard previously, Benz warns against reaching for a coat in a loud color. “Outerwear, those kind of investment pieces, you want those in functional, neutral colors,” Benz says.

And looking forward to Spring fashion, Benz has an entirely different idea in mind. “I’m loving all the longer lengths, there’s a very nice grunge thing happening, which I obviously know very intimately,” he says. “It’s about casual elegance always for me, and I think that’s really big for Spring, so that’s always exciting.”

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You heard it here first, ladies! It’s all about bright sweaters and grungy accents.

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