Here’s How to Sign Up for Netflix’s ‘Floor Is Lava,’ Because Playing at Home Isn’t Enough

Floor Is Lava
Photo: Netflix.

If you’re already wondering how to sign up for Netflix’s Floor Is Lava season 2, you’re not alone. The new talent competition is basically everyone’s favorite childhood pastime turned into a real, money-making opportunity. Let’s be real: We’ve all played versions of “the floor is lava” in our living rooms or bedrooms as kids for free. So why wouldn’t you want to play when a prize of $10,000 is involved? Sign me up.

The thing is, Netflix’s latest viral series probably isn’t as easy as it looks—and that’s both in terms of casting and the actual competition. For those still unfamiliar: Floor Is Lava is Netflix’s take on the children’s game of the same name, where the goal is to move around a room by jumping from furniture piece to furniture piece without touching the floor—or for imagination’s sake—the lava. Only this time, the stakes are higher because Netflix’s show brings the lava to life. No, it’s not real lava (obviously! Netflix goes big, but not that big). Instead, the floor is filled with a mysterious and glowing red goo. It looks sticky. It’s slippery. And it most definitely is not something you want to fall into.

Much like the game of our youth, Netflix describes the goal of Floor Is Lava as navigating a room “flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers.” While playing this game at home could definitely be a solo sport—hey, no judgment—Netflix’s show features teams of three. The trios must work together in tandem to help each other move across the treacherous obstacle course. They each have a shot at reaching the exit, and the more team members who get across, the better.

That’s where prospective castmates need to think carefully. Anyone looking to apply to Netflix’s Floor Is Lava needs to pick their fellow team members with an eye for this strategy. Those who have watched the show know that, honestly, it isn’t always even about which contestants are the fittest or most athletic; sometimes, the best wins are from teams who are patient and thoughtful about the moves they make. Pro-tip: if any of your friends are great at puzzles, you already know they’ll probably be good at this game—just think of Floor Is Lava as one three-dimensional puzzle course.

As far as team-members go, it also wouldn’t hurt to have a great story. Netflix’s producers are clearly a sucker for unique groups, whether they’re family members with an interesting link or unlikely co-workers-turned-besties. Now, once you’ve gathered your triumphant trio, you’ll actually need to apply.

At the time of writing, Netflix has yet to release casting details for Floor Is Lava—and that’s probably because season 2 has yet to be confirmed in the first place. Given the wild success of the new series, though, we’re definitely expecting to see Floor Is Lava get picked up for a second season. And once it does, it would be wise to scan casting boards like Backstage or Project Casting for details about Netflix’s next casting call. No promises that we won’t be there auditioning with you!

Floor Is Lava Season 1 is now on Netflix. 

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