How to Shop Teen Stores Like a Stylish Adult

How to Shop Teen Stores Like a Stylish Adult
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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Legitimately stylish women have zero problem with browsing any—and we mean any—type of store with zero snob factor, and often emerge with pieces that perfectly fit their aesthetic.

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For example, she won’t be afraid to pop into a cheesy-seeming teen store at the mall, but that doesn’t mean she’ll leave with the same things her 12-year-old cousin would. While cuz might go for the oversized tank top that says “I hate running but I love pizza” (yes, this really exists), you might load up on great skinny jeans, blazers, costume jewelry, and trendy pieces you’d rather not drop a ton of cash on (crop tops, anyone?)

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To prove it’s possible to find a grownup, fashion girl-spproved wardrobe at stores geared toward teenagers and juniors, we did a deep dive into several and highlighted over 40 pieces we’d be excited to own.

And in case you’re wondering, we looked at retailers that only carry juniors clothes—Forever 21, Go Jane, Urban OG, and others—as opposed to stores that carry a mix of merchandise like ASOS or Topshop. Those would be too easy!


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Lace Up Heels, $32.95; at Love Culture

Striped Pocket Tee, $12.80; at Forever 21

Mauve Fluffy Clutch, $23.95; at Love Culture

Slightly Shredded Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, $49.95; at Love Culture

Classic Chambray Shirt, $17.90; at Forever 21

Cassie Boutique Crop Top and Skirt Set, $52; at BooHoo

Faux Leather Pointy Loafers, $24.90; at Forever 21

Lace Bodysuit, $27.50; at Go Jane

Pink Checked Wool Mini Skirt, $25; at Dorothy Perkins

White Blazer, $37.90; at Forever 21

Microfishnet 'N Lace Bra Set, $31.70; at Go Jane

Navy Hat, $37.95; at Love Culture 

Kayla Pointed Croc Ankle Boots, $44; at Boo Hoo

Red Flower Bomb Crochet Lace Skirt, $34.95; at Love Culture

Royal Flared Scuba Maxi Skirt, $14.95; at Love Culture

Waffle Textured Shift Dress, $29; at Dorothy Perkins

La Vie Boheme Fringed Jacket, $66; at Go Jane

Faux Leather Weekender Bag, $37.80; at Forever 21

Renamed Fur Lined Vest, $39.99; at Necessary Clothing

Navy Bell Sleeves Lace Dress, $27; at Love Culture 

Ribbed Rollneck Sleeveless Sweater, $35; at Dorothy Perkins

Red Slit Maxi Dress, $22; at Go Jane

Lattice Full A-Line Skirt, $28; at Go Jane

Cross Multiply Faux Leather Tank, $24; at Go Jane

Fashionista Skinny Black Cropped Jeans, $15; at Wet Seal

Lace Lovely Bralette, $29.99; at Necessary Clothing

Gingham Plaid Shirt, $19.90; at Forever 21

Lemon Chain Bag, $39.50; at Urban OG

Metallic Ankle Boots, $36; at 2020 Ave

Kimber Knit Beanie With Big Pom Pom, $14.99; at Necessary Clothing 

Joa Fuzzy Knit Jacket, $126; at Necessary Clothing 

Angular Sunglasses, $5.80; at Forever 21

Metallic Platform Espadrille, $22.99; at Charlotte Russe

Floral High Neck Dress, $55; at Dorothy Perkins 

Embellished Leaf Ear Cuff, $7.90; at Wet Seal

Peep Toe Mules, $32.90; at Forever 21

Love & Beauty Brow Pencil Duo, $2.90; at Forever 21

Blush Embellished Satin Wrap Top, $55; at Dorothy Perkins

Vegan Leather Bucket Bag, $65; at Necessary Clothing 

Oversized White Shirt, $31; at Urban OG

Single Button Blazer, $28.50; at A'GACI

Low Back Criss-Cross Shift Dress, $32.90; at Wet Seal

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