Instagram Just Launched In-App Purchasing, Because Life Is a Beautiful Thing

Maggie Griswold
Instagram Just Launched In-App Purchasing, Because Life Is a Beautiful Thing
Photo: Allison Kahler.

Let’s be real: We’re all a little bit lazy, and technology has only made it easier. Sometimes while scrolling through Instagram, we occasionally see a cool product and click—only to be re-directed to a new site outside of the app. It’s not a big deal, really, but it can feel like one. We all just want to know how to shop on Instagram without having to put in any effort—and the company just gave us an answer. Instagram’s new shopping feature lets you purchase items in the app itself—so you never have to lose your spot in your feed (or ever leave the app, for that matter).

According to Business of Fashion, Instagram released the beta version of the in-app purchasing feature (officially called Checkout) today. It will be tested by a handful of brands like Burberry, Revolve, Prada, Uniqlo and Nike—so already you’ll be able to shop some of your favorite brands without ever leaving Insta. Cut to: us in bed with a dead phone battery and twelve maxed out credit cards (and a smile, of course).

If you’re wondering how to use the new feature, we’ve got the information you need. When you see a shoppable post from one of the brands who have the feature, there will be a shopping bag icon in the upper righthand corner of the post. When you click the icon, the products for sale (and their description) will show up, along with an option to checkout. (Yeah, I know. Technology is so cool!) You’ll be prompted to enter your billing information the first time you do this, and then it’ll be saved in the app for future use. So, not only do you get to purchase items in app, but you only have to search for your credit card at the bottom of your purse or wallet once and then never again. Are we dreaming? Because this seems too good to be true.

The first roll-out of the feature includes 20 total brands, with more to come in the future. Get some new glasses from Warby Parker, a new makeup look from MAC Cosmetics or really go wild with an Oscar de la Renta purchase. The possibilities are (soon to be) endless.