How to (Successfully) Shop Alexander Wang x H&M This Thursday

how to shop alexander wang hm How to (Successfully) Shop Alexander Wang x H&M This Thursday

Alexander Wang‘s beyond-buzzy collection for H&M goes on sale November 6, and—if you’re like us—you’ve been crafting a game plan to snag key pieces (ahem, that cropped logo sweatshirt).

The collaboration has proved so popular that H&M—as it often does when it comes to designer projects—has a micro-section on its site to help shoppers navigate the complex shopping rules around the collection, and where to actually find it. It also has a real-time countdown to the launch, with the option to sign up for calendar alerts.

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To help you formulate the aforementioned game plan, check out the below for everything you need to know. Be aware, however, that competition will likely be pretty hefty—an anonymous store employee tipped off fashion and retail site Racked that stores will be getting 40% less stock than with previous collections, which means there will be more people battling it out for less loot. Looks like you might actually need the Wang x H&M boxing gloves before you shop the collection.

Gird your loins, and prepare for a wait

If last month’s sh*show VIP event in New York is any indication, this collection may attract even longer lines than what we saw at the Isabel Marant for H&M launch last year. If you’re really serious about hitting the store to snag what you want, we strongly urge you to line up early. Like, really early. (Stores open at 8 a.m., and there will definitely be crazy people dedicated fashion folks camping out overnight in New York.)

The first 420 people in line with get a color-coded wristband to indicate when you’ll be able to shop (15 minutes for each color group), and if you’re so far back in the line that you don’t get a wrist band, we’d strongly suggest getting yourself a nice venti latte and saving yourself the trouble—you won’t be able to get anything you really want. Once you’re in, there are still some rules: Shoppers will only be permitted to buy up to two items per product.

Or shop it online

If you plan to shop the collection online, make sure you have unfettered access to a computer with spotless wifi at 10 a.m. EST—and expect the website to have some hiccups when the traffic surge hits.

What’s likely to sell out first

The cropped $59.9o logo sweatshirt is getting tons of buzz, as are the $299 suede booties—a near-exact take on the designer’s coveted Freja boots—as well as the sporty open-work top for $149 and $34.90 bra-bustier hybrids.

wang for hm

As far as the sporty accessories, expect folks to flip for the boxing gloves (even if they just become a piece of home decor), the yoga mat, and the Wang-branded duffel bag.

alexander wang boxing gloves


alex wang yoga mat

Our advice: Pick your top pieces beforehand, as well as some back-ups that will likely prove less popular—gym shorts, basic tees, etc—that way, if you’re determined to go home with some Wang, at least you’ll achieve the goal.

Returns and exchanges

Unlike H&M’s typical 30-day policy, the store will only accept returns and exchanges within 7 days if you want your money back. After the 7 days, you’ll get store credit—even with a receipt. Keep in mind that accessories from the collection are all final sale. (Would you want to buy a maybe-used yoga mat?!)

To find an H&M location near you that’s planning to stock the Wang line, head over to the store tracker now—and good luck, brave shoppers!