10 Clever Ways to Remove Lint From Clothes—Forever

10 Clever Ways to Remove Lint From Clothes—Forever
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Is there anything worse than finally getting together the perfect outfit, only to discover after it’s on that you’re covered in lint? Or—and this is honestly way worse—discovering your freshly washed load of laundry is absolutely covered in that pesky, unsightly, and hard-to-remove lint? The answer is no—especially because this discovery always leads to frantic, manic sprinting around the house, scouring each room for that lint roller you swore you bought. (Anyone else have anxiety just reading this?)

That’s why it’s so, so important to learn and master the skill of removing lint from clothes. Seriously, everyone needs to know this. It’s like gaining a level in the game of adulting.

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Before we jump into the list, it helps to know certain fabrics are lint shedders. According to The Spruce, cotton, terry, chenille, natural fibers are shedders, and corduroy, velvet, synthetics, and knits are lint receivers. Never wash the two together.

That said, ready for more tips? We’ve rounded up 10 smart ways to remove lint from clothes if you find yourself—horror of horrors—without a lint roller in sight.

Know When to Wash Inside-Out

If a garment is prone to shedding, wash it inside-out. However, if you have an item that’s already covered in lint (a white tee worn under a dark sweater, for example), wash it with the right side out to help the lint escape.

The “Air Only” Dryer Setting

If you have a piece of clothing already covered in lint but don’t want to wash it, toss it in the dryer on an “air only” setting with a clean dryer sheet. Be sure to empty out the lint-filled dryer filter or drawer.

Use a Pumice Stone

When in a pinch, a pumice stone can de-pill a sweater and take lint particles with it.

Use Scotch Tape

Grab a piece of Scotch tape to remove lint from small areas.

Use Sticky Contact Paper, Drawer Liners

For larger surfaces, use a piece of sticky contact paper or adhesive drawer liners to remove lint from clothes.

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Organize Your Clothes

Separate your clothes in the closet. For example, don’t place folded mohair sweaters on top or below knit tops.

Use Distilled White Vinegar

For pesky lint on bath towels, try adding a cup of distilled white vinegar to the last rinse while in the washing machine.

Use a Razor, Carefully

A single-blade razor is effective at removing lint from clothes—just be careful!

Use a Scouring Pad

Guess what else removes lint like a champ? A damp standard scouring pad.

Use Your Hairdryer

Dampen a clean dryer sheet and rub it gently on your lint-covered piece, while blasting it with the cool-setting from your hairdryer.

A version of this article was originally published in March 2014.