How to Peel an Orange in Under 5 Seconds (Yes, Really)

how to peel an orange hack three knife cuts

Photo: Getty

Peeling oranges ranks up there with activities that are annoying AF. Often, the act turns your hands—and everything in your immediate vicinity—into a runny, sticky mess, arguably making it more trouble than it’s worth. Now, a new viral video is coming to the rescue that demonstrates how to peel an orange swiftly and neatly with just three cuts of a knife.

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The 39-second-video is courtesy of YouTube user Rumble Viral, and proves that an entire orange can come apart seamlessly by first cutting off the top and the bottom, then making a quick cut into one side until the knife reaches the middle. From there, all you need to do is spread open the skin, and voila—orange segments that are neat and mess-free.

Granted, this hack isn’t ideal if you’re without a knife and flat surface, but it’s still a good skill to have. Check out the video below!