12 Amazon Buys That Make Spring Cleaning & Organizing SO Much Easier

Bella Gerard
12 Amazon Buys That Make Spring Cleaning & Organizing SO Much Easier
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Now, I know I’m not the only one who takes spring cleaning literally, am I? The second the weather gets warm I’m filled with the urge to deep-clean my bathroom, clear out my closet, vacuum my living room and tidy up my desk. Something about those springy good vibes just gets to me, and every year I commit to a full-on clean-out. After a successful spring cleaning sesh, though, the key to really thriving is organizing everything that’s left.

If you aren’t keen on how to organize your room, that’s where I come in. In preparation for my spring cleaning extravaganza, I’ve been scouring the Internet (OK, scrolling through Amazon) looking for storage solutions, dividers, organizers, and shelves. There was a lot to choose from, so I saved you the time and picked out the best, leaving you with no excuses to procrastinate. Spring cleaning time is here, people! Chop chop, let’s get to it!

So, what are some of these groundbreaking storage solutions? TBH, they aren’t all that revolutionary—they’re just clever and convenient AF. From tiered hangers that save space in your closet to drawer organizers that make putting away laundry a breeze, these game-changers are all random items you never thought to buy, but low-key really need. I guarantee they’ll make tidying up easier, and really, isn’t that what we all want? Read on and see if any of these items can help you keep your space a little neater.


These Space-Saving Pant Hangers

spring cleaning organization hangers


My closet is definitely the number one spot in my apartment that I struggle to keep clean, mostly because I have too many clothes. I definitely plan to order a 6-pack of these HuaQi S Shape Clothes Pants Hangers and layer up my midi skirts and boyfriend jeans to save some space.


This Chic Bench With Secret Storage


spring cleaning organization


Here I am with a perfectly regular ottoman bench, unaware that the SONGMICS Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench exists! Whereas my ottoman is one piece, this clever version opens on top so you can store all your stuff inside, then put the lid back down and act like you have your whole life together. Genius.


These Drawer-Transforming Dividers

spring cleaning organization drawers


Real talk: my junk drawer is always going to be a hot mess. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try to tidy it up a little, right? I’ve heard really great things about the FILWH4-Pack of Bamboo Drawer Dividers—you just slot them in and expand until they fit the length of your drawer, and boom! Perfect rows to keep your stuff in its proper place.

This Convenient AF Bedside Pocket

spring cleaning organization bedside pocket


I live in a teeny, tiny NYC apartment—what I’m trying to say is, your girl has no space for a bedside table. That’s why I’m snagging the Simboom Felt Bedside Storage Organizer
, aka the perfect place to put my phone before I sleep, a water bottle in case I get thirsty, and any other necessities I want access to without leaving my bed.


This Discreet Bathroom Storage Cabinet

spring cleaning organization cabinet


Can a cabinet be cute? Because the AOJEZOR Bathroom Storage Corner Cabinet is seriously adorable! This toilet-height cabinet takes up little space in your bathroom, and is the perfect place to store extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and more without making your small space look cluttered.


Even More Clever Hangers I Can’t Believe I Don’t Own

spring cleaning organization hangers

House Day

I’m sorry, but why did no one tell me all these unique hangers existed?? I’m ready to revamp my entire closet. Adding a 12-pack of HOUSE DAY Space Saving Hangers
 to my cart ASAP. 


This Salon-Level Hair Tool Storage

spring cleaning organization hair tools

Jack Cube

If, like me, your signature hairdo requires the use of a blow dryer, a curling wand, and a straightener (Don’t worry, y’all, I use a heat protectant), the JackCubeDesign Hair Tool Organizer is for you. Instead of having hot tools and hairbrushes placed randomly throughout your bedroom or bathroom, you can keep them all in this tidy organizer and style your strands in one spot.


This Shelf That Holds Literally Everythingspring cleaning organization jewelry holder


The perfect wall shelf is hard to find, but this duo of Keebofly Hanging Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizers is definitely a top contender. Not only can you use the top shelves to store products, perfumes or knick knacks, but the bottom two tiers can hold all your jewelry. TBH, I’d use one for my jewels and hang my belts off the other. Now that’s getting creative.


This Spa-Level Laundry Hamper

spring cleaning organization hamper


When I say that the perfect hamper is truly my white whale, I mean it. I cannot find one I love that fits my space and my stuff! I’m definitely planning to try the Giantex Bamboo Laundry Hamper
, though, as I love the bonus storage on top. Plus, the bamboo gives it such spa vibes.

This Cute & Practical Desk Stand

spring cleaning organization desk shelf

Jerry & Maggie

My workspace is currently an unorganized war zone, and while I’ve seen other desk shelf organizers, I haven’t been moved to buy one. Then I saw the fun-colored Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organizer Shelf Rack and I was finally sold. Catch me with a freshly-organized desk real soon, y’all.


These Honeycomb-Shaped Drawer Organizers

spring cleaning organization sock


OK, now this is genius. Imagine a drawer full of Whitmor Honeycomb Drawer Organizers with one pair of socks perfectly placed in each section? Or one pair of underwear, one rolled-up pair of leggings, et cetera? Mark my words, I’ll never put away my clothes the same again.


This Fits-So-Perfectly Corner Shelf

spring cleaning organization corner shelf

Cook N Home

Corner shelves are the game-changing storage solution the world needs more of, which is why I recommend placing all the items you keep after your spring cleaning declutter on the Cook N Home 2-Tier Stainless Steel Corner Shelf. This particular shelf is meant for kitchenwares, but it works just as well in the bathroom or your bedroom, and you can store anything from products to accessories to spices. Maybe you should buy more than one.

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