16 Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Boss

Beth Stebner
16 Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Boss
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Even if you’re not an aspiring top chef—or especially if you are—your kitchen should be a place where the tools that you need are easily at hand and the clutter is kept at bay. That means asking some serious questions about the cappuccino machine you never use, or the dozens of cookbooks collecting dust on your countertops.

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Thankfully, there’s plenty of inspiration to help you organize. From adding extra storage (and style!) with open shelving to finally figuring out what you do and don’t need on your counter, we’ve rounded up 15 ideas to get you started.

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Keep all dried goods stacked neatly on your shelves with matching jars, like these.

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If you don’t have any formal storage above your fridge, you’re losing valuable square footage. Use an old wine crate to store extra wine or use it as a staging zone for cookbooks.

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Free up valuable counter and storage space by hanging pots, pans, colanders, cups, and hell, even plants.

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For a minimalist take, try keeping only the bare essentials, and get rid of extra pots and pans you don't need.

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Who says leaning ladders can only be used in your living room or bathroom? If you’ve got a spare wall, it’s the perfect way to gain instant storage. Just add an S-hook and enjoy.

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Adding plenty of lights makes the kitchen a room in your house where you’ll actually want to hang out.

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Strapped for space? Scale down your stove and put a minifridge under the counter.

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A magnetic knife rack and three levels of open shelving give you convenience and space.

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Putting a Lazy Susan in an awkward-sized cabinet lets you access everything easily.

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Store cooking necessities where you need them. (Also, having fresh herbs at hand never hurt anybody.)

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Keep all of your utensils in one easy-to-reach container.

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Store your cookbooks neatly in an inexpensive rack.

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Paring down your dishes means you actually have to do them. A win-win.

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Your countertops don't have to be bare. Keep the important things, like cutting boards and fruit, within easy reach.

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A floating shelf is the answer to all of your space problems.

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