How To Manifest Someone & Signs You’re Being Manifested

How To Manifest Someone & Signs You’re Being Manifested
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Manifestation may conjure many different associations to mind, and perhaps you may doubt its efficacy. If you put the effort into it, by practicing visualization or taking inspired action, manifestation can be real. The mind is a powerful thing, and we can always create our own reality. We’ll shed some insight on what it means how to manifest someone, and conversely, how to tell if you’re being manifesting. Who wouldn’t want to know?!

Manifesting is the act of bringing a tangible desire or goal into reality, often by putting intentional energy into bringing these goals to life. With enough practice, you can manifest anything: money, a dream job, and even a person. Manifestation works by putting your intentional energy into the goals you want. By believing that you can have the life you dream of, you will get what you desire, simply by attracting it to you.

Can you manifest anything at all? Yes—but within reason. While we can create our reality, we must live by the rules of reality. For example, you can manifest receiving extra income, but you cannot manifest millions of dollars overnight. That’s just not realistic.

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What Does It Mean to Manifest Someone? 

Manifesting can bring many things into your life, including certain people. Looking to manifest your soulmate, twin flame, a former partner, a best friend, or even a family member? If it’s in the realm of possibility, you can manifest them.

However, just because you can manifest someone, doesn’t mean that you should. Humans are blessed with free will. If your ex does not want to come back to you—no manifesting will bring them back. Same with making your crush fall in love with you; if it’s not meant to be, let it be.

The best way to manifest someone is to try manifesting your soulmate or your perfect best friends—not a specific person.

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There are quite a few ways to manifest someone, and whatever you choose, try to believe in your own power of authenticity.

1. Visualizing

A great way to manifest is through visualization. Every day, find a quiet place to sit or lie down and close your eyes. Think about the type of person you want. Visualize as if it is already happening. What are you doing with them? What do they look like? Make them as real in your mind as possible.

2. Scripting

If you are not great at daydreaming or visualization, try writing your manifestation down in a method called scripting. In a journal, write down everything about the type of person you are trying to manifest. Go into as much detail as possible: their appearance, what they do for a living, their hobbies and even what your relationship with them might be like. Write it as though it has already happened by starting with, “I’m so happy and grateful for … .”

3. Vision Boarding

Vision boarding is collecting images that represent what you are trying to attract. You can make a physical vision board by clipping out images you see in magazines or making a digital version by making a collage out of online images. Consider even saving these photos as your screensaver. Collect images that represent the person you wish to manifest.

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Signs You’re Being Manifesting

Maybe you feel as if someone is manifesting you into their lives? Pay attention to these signs.

1. Your life changes in unexpected ways

If someone is manifesting you, your life will most likely change, so you can meet them. For example, you’re offered a new job in a new city. Immediately upon arrival, you meet someone who becomes your romantic partner. These changes are the universe pushing you two together.

2. You feel like you already met them

Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking, but what if you meet someone and immediately feel comfortable with them? This could be because they have manifested you—skipping the awkward phase.

3. They’re always on your mind

Have you ever met someone and then they’re constantly in your thoughts? Where everything makes you think of—or feel the urge to text—them often? Their manifestation energy is likely pulling you toward them.

How long does manifestation take to work? 

It depends on what you’re trying to manifest and how much energy you put into it. If you’re trying to manifest something big, such as a successful business, it will take some time. If you’re manifesting something simple, like maybe a date, it might come much more quickly. Regardless, harness the powers of visualization, scripting and vision boarding and keep the faith. You might be ecstatic you did.

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