15 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

15 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive
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Unfortunately, we don’t all have the budget to drop thousands to outfit our living spaces with designer couches, Persian rugs, and marble coffee tables. But that doesn’t mean you can make a room look a little more luxe through carefully selecting and styling the right pieces in the right places.

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“For a sophisticated look, I always advise my clients to spend a little more on an iconic—not cliché—piece of furniture or design and go a little leaner on the rest of the room,” says interior designer James Tab of Laurel & Wolf. “I find having a mix of high-end and affordable pieces makes a room feel more interesting.”

While what feels sophisticated and special is subjective (and doesn’t depend on price!), there are a few styling rules and tricks that will work to elevate most living areas. Here are 15 smart ones.

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Animal prints and cutout rugs like this one go with any color palette and add an upscale feel to any room. (But go faux, please!)

LSA Architects

A statement chair that stands out from the rest of your furniture adds character and charm, elevating the whole space.

Entrance Makleri

Glass bottles don't cost a lot—but when they're arranged together in a similar color palette, they have the prettiest effect.

Laurel & Wolf

What drives up the cost of expensive homes? Light and space—so fake more of it than you actually have with major mirrors in your living room.

Tamara Magel

A chaise longue doesn't cost more than a couch or armchair, but something about it looks so much more luxe.

Erin Martin Design

Fuzzy touches, like these wool shag stools, add cozy texture and warmth, making a living area feel plush. (Faux ones work just as well.)

Laurel & Wolf

If you want your living area to look rich, choosing rich colors can do wonders. Think jewel tones like the shades of indigo in this room.

Red Edition

Never underestimate the power of a super-soft throw, draped elegantly over a couch. It doesn't cost much, but adds texture and a luxe feeling to even Ikea furniture.

Tamara Magel

A single piece of colorful art that you truly love will bring elegant personality to your walls without looking too splashy.

Annie Schlechter

A well-chosen wallpapered accent wall adds depth and richness to a small living area like this alcove.

Mauro Soddu

Getting a rich-looking space doesn't always mean expensive-looking pieces: It can also mean surrounding yourself with your favorite things, like a beautiful book collection, eclectic throw pillows, or accent pieces collected from your travels.

Mark Ashby

Investing in a single, incredibly cool overhead light easily improves the whole room—in this case, the juxtaposition of industrial lighting with dark mahogany wood looks elegant and modern.

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

Here, a super-modern chandelier serves as art, so the rest of the room doesn't need to be overly loud, special, or expensive.

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

Bold colors, when chosen well, can look higher-end than bland neutrals.

Annie Schlechter

If you're lucky enough to have big windows, framing them with elegant drapes makes the whole room feel cozier—and classier—without sacrificing light.

Erin Martin Design

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