15 Ways to Make Your Outfit More Interesting

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15 Ways to Make Your Outfit More Interesting
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We’ve all had it: That particularly lazy morning when all you want to do is roll out of bed, throw your hair in a topknot and toss on a worn T-shirt and your go-to jeans. While that’s totally acceptable some days, there are others when you have to look exceptionally put together, yet still want to be comfortable and stylish (ugh, the struggle).

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Luckily, it can be easier and faster than you think to turn that boring jeans-and-tee combo into a very interesting outfit. In fact, with a few thoughtful choices, you can upgrade your look entirely by adding a few cool, quirky accessories.

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Most people think it’s the clothing that makes the outfit, but that’s not always the case—sometimes it’s the simple add-ons or cool styling tricks that really steal the show.

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Try a cool hair accessory—like a turban!

If you're so over the whole hat thing, try a quirky hair accessory like a chic turban, a headscarf, or a large embellished barette. But please, no scrunchies.

Photo: My Showroom

Use your headphones as an accessory.

We love everyday items that double as accessories, and headphones may just be our favorites. From designer headphones like Alexander Wang or more price-friendly brands like blogger-loved Frends (above), ditching those boring white earbuds for a statement pair can act as the the ultimate cool-girl accessory.

Photo: The Pile of Style

Throw on a classic pair of shades. 

Sunglasses are probably the easiest accessory to incorporate into your outfit because they come in every shape, size, color and style you can possibly think of. However, nothing beats a classic aviator or wayfarer. 

Photo/Sincerely Jules

Wear an chic belt.

You really won't believe how much of a difference it makes when you wear an awesome belt. Especially with dresses, some garments can make you lose your shape, but toss on a belt and you can show off your skinny waist in a flash.

Photo/Alicia Fashionista

Pop on a chunky necklace.

When wearing a plain colored top with jeans or a cool skirt, topping it off with a chunky, embellished necklace is an easy fix to spruce up your outfit. If you really want to get creative, you can even pair your necklace to match your shoes!

Photo/Collage Vintage

Top it off with a hat.

The perfect solution for all of us lazy people out there? A hat! Just think—you don't even have to break out the dry shampoo! Just top off your outfit with a hat and you're off to go (and you look like you actually tried this morning!).

Photo/Lust for Life

Add a pop of color on your lips.

Sometimes you leave the house, get to work and take a look in the mirror and think "Man, this outfit is boring," but there's a really easy way to fix it with something small enough to carry in your purse: lipstick. Try using a bright lipstick to instantly make your outfit more interesting. Bonus points because it looks like you tried on your makeup too!

Photo/Fake Leather


Wear a crossbody bag.

Adding a little spice to your outfit can be as simple as wearing a cool crossbody bag. It can be a plain, black crossbody with a cool gold chain or something more quirky like a heart shaped bag!


Wear high socks with your skirt. 

Instead of sticking with a plain old skirt, t-shirt and booties, try sporting a pair of high socks instead of nylons. They'll be perfect to protect your legs if it gets cold, and they look super chic.

Photo/Stockholm Streetstyle

Mix patterns.

If you don't have any accessories to spare, there are ways to make your outfit interesting with just the pieces in your closet. Instead of sticking with the normal solid colors or stripes, try finding the coolest patterned items in your closet and then pairing them together. But beware, make sure they actually coordinate and you don't look too mismatched.


Carry a patterned clutch.

When you're about to walk out the door in a rush, you can pick up the cool [insert cool pattern here] clutch and use it to carry all your items and make you look trendy all at the same time.

Photo/Pink Peonies

Wear embellished sandals. 

Instead of sticking with your plain nude pumps that you wear everyday to work, pick up a cool pair of embellished sandals. From studs to jewels, there's a pair of embellished sandals for every person's taste.

Photo/Peace Love Shea

Baseball caps add the perfect touch of masculinity.

Spent the night with your man and woke up late for work? Don't fret! There's an easy fix. Grab his baseball cap before you head out and support the team and your cool new outfit.

Photo/My Showroom

Toss on a scarf.

Whether it's winter, summer, spring or fall, there's a scarf that can a) keep you warm and b) keep your outfit exciting and fresh. 

Photo/To Vogue or Bust

Layer, layer, layer!

Layering is just plain awesome and not just in the winter. When you want to make your outfit look way more exciting than it is, throw on a light jacket, and then maybe tie a cool flannel around your waist. There are tons of ways to layer your clothing and the best part is that you can take them off or on according to your liking throughout the day!

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