How to Make a Sports Jersey Look Stylish (Seriously)

How to Make a Sports Jersey Look Stylish (Seriously)
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We’ll keep this short and sweet: Real sports jerseys aren’t considered a wardrobe must-have among the style set. Yeah, maybe the ones emblazoned with “CELINE” across the front, but we’re talking about real-deal team tops you buy at the Sports Authority, not at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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But—and there is a but—we’ve discovered it’s possible to take a shirt from the team of your choice and turn in into an outfit MVP (see what we did there?) with the right inspiration.

So, with the Super Bowl coming up (spoiler alert: It’s in 48 hours), we thought why not round up a selection of fashion bloggers and street style stars who’ve managed to do just that—take a masculine, not terribly exciting sports jersey or T-shirt and use it to put together a thoughtful, very cool look.

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One caveat: Since we don’t expect everyone to own a football jersey, we found looks that include tops from all types of sports. (Same difference, some of you might say anyway.)

Click thorough, and let us know which look you’ll be trying this Sunday