The Gorgeous New Brunch Trend Your Instagram Needs

Our apologies if you’ve only just gotten into smoothie bowls#detoxwater, or any other Instagram-approved food trends, but there’s a new healthy way to serve your breakfast that we’re totally obsessed with: fruit boats, a particularly attractive way to combine fresh fruit, yogurt, seeds, and pretty much anything else you want.

Below, we’ve highlighted a particularly delicious fruit boat recipe, but you can absolutely sub the papaya with cantaloupe, watermelon, or any other fruit that has a thick rind, and fill it with various toppings.

Not only are these guts totally guilt-free, but we guarantee the result will be almost too pretty too eat. Your move avocado toast.

healthy fruit boat recipePhoto: Minimalist Baker

You’ll need:

Coconut yogurt
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Slivered almonds
Papaya or cantaloupe
Step one: Cut your papaya or cantaloupe along the centre and scoop out the seeds.

Step two: Add yogurt and then top with fresh fruit, seeds, and nuts. Eat the filling with a spoon, and then finish off by eating the fruit bowl, too.

Recipe courtesy of Minimalist Baker.