Martha Stewart Taught Us How To Make a Bed

Leah Bourne
how to make a bed martha stewart

When Martha teaches you how to make a bed, you listen. (Getty)

Martha Stewart is the homemaking maestro for a reason—the woman is just dripping with great tips on how to do everything better in your home, from how to arrange coffee mugs to how to make the perfect eggs to (most importantly) how to make a bed properly.

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We got the inside scoop on her technique for making beds, and as far as we’re concerned, what Martha says, goes.

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What You’ll Need:

1. A Mattress Cover

2. Fitted Sheet

3. Flat Sheet

4. Blanket or Comforter

Martha Stewart’s Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Bed:

Step 1: Add a cotton cover to protect your mattress. Martha also like to add a wool pad.

Step 2: Either use a fitted sheet, or make hospital corners with the bottom sheet. To make the hospital corners drape the sheet evenly over the bed, and leaving about one foot of fabric hanging over the head of the bed. Standing at the side of the bed toward the center, pick up a side hem, and pull it toward you in a tight crease. Raise the creased section over the mattress so the sheet makes a triangular tent over the bed. Using your free hand, smooth the sheet flat along the mattress’ side. Then fold the creased section down over the side bed, and tuck the sheet neatly under the mattress. Repeat this at the foot and other side of the bed. Trust us, it’s less confusing than it sounds, head here for a great video tutorial of the process.

Step 3: Add the top sheet, and make hospital corners at the bed’s foot, but leave the sides untucked so it’s easier to get into bed.

Step 4: Finish with a blanket or down comforter. Interestingly, we learned that Martha has her blankets tailored so there’s no excess that hangs over the sides of the bed.

Step 5: Voila! You’re ready for the perfect night’s sleep!

how to make a bed martha stewart

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