5 Ways to Amp up Your Sex Drive, According to an Adult Film Star

How to improve sex drive
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Let’s face it: Just as our sexuality can be fluid over time, our sex drive can, too. Whether it’s hormones, stress, relationship issues, work, kids, or a combination of them, it’s no wonder our sex life takes a backseat sometimes. If you want to change that, though, there’s hope.

Read Erotica.

Most of us are aware of hit novel “50 Shades of Grey,” but delve deeper into the world of erotic stories. Read them to build up anticipation, to get in the mood. Entice your mind and your body will follow. Also, you can try this while not masturbating for some added anticipation. 

Forget what others think—buy yourself something that makes you feel sexy.

Seduce Yourself.

Try really spoiling yourself with a long hot bath, a spa day, and a mani and pedi. Eat the most delicious desserts. Forget what others think—buy yourself something that makes you feel sexy.This increases self worth, self confidence, and sensuality. 

Watch Porn.

These days, there is really something for everyone! Find your own unique turn ons and enjoy. Just keep in mind these are trained sexual athletes, and what you’re seeing is movie magic. You can try it all at home—just understand that it may not work exactly the same for you. 

The more you feel sexy, the more you’ll want to feel that way.

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This is also my advice for so many other concerns as well. Masturbation gets you more comfortable and confident with your body. Often, the more you orgasm, the more you feel sexy, the more you’ll want to feel that way. Buy yourself a luxury clitoral stimulator (like a WeVibe Touch) or use a clitoral massage gel (like Wicked’s Awaken) and spend some quality time with yourself. 

Take a Hiatus.

It’s okay to give yourself permission to take a break from sex until you feel up to it, but use this time to increase intimacy with your partner in other ways, and tell them what’s going on so that they don’t feel neglected or shut down if they try to put the moves on you. 

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