How to Throw an Epic Zoom Party Your Friends Will Never Forget

Maggie Griswold
How to Throw an Epic Zoom Party Your Friends Will Never Forget
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Forget night clubs—Club Zoom is the only place you need to be on any given night. Social distancing, missing out on your favorite late-night spots and not getting to see your friends can really take a toll on a person, but hosting a Zoom party is one way to alleviate that cooped-up feeling. Chances are, your friends wish they could have a fun night out on the town as much as you do, so why not throw a (virtual) rager? We’re hereby dubbing Zoom parties the hottest ticket in town, so go ahead and grab your favorite going-out outfit and get ready to party. Digitally.

In case you haven’t heard of Zoom (How?!), it’s a service similar to Skype or FaceTime. You can video chat with a colleague or hold meetings virtually. Of course, in the age of social distancing, people are using it for much, much more than work. Virtual happy hours abound amongst friends—but some people get even more creative. Throwing a Zoom party can be just as much fun as throwing a party IRL, if you’re willing to let loose. While you can’t dance next to your friends or go to the bar to get them a drink, you can create themes and games to play over Zoom. Plus, no one’s stopping you from dressing up or mixing yourself a cocktail. It’s not like you have anywhere else to be, anyway.

Below, you’ll find ways to throw the most iconic Zoom party the world has ever seen. It’s way easier than you’d think—just get creative with it and try and to forget your worries. After all, isn’t that what partying is about? Having a fun time with your friends doesn’t have to be put on pause because of social distancing. Technology—and Zoom—have your back when it comes to a good time.

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1. Pick A Party Theme

If you’re ready to hit the bottle, happy hour is always a good theme option. Since it’s virtual, you can make happy hour literally any time you want. Forget 5 o’clock—I’m here for a good 2 p.m. cocktail or 10 p.m. margarita. These are trying times, after all! The choice is yours, friends. Of course, you can also choose a drinking-free party theme like a dance party, movie night or—my personal favorite—a costume party. This virtual age we’re living in is the perfect time to get creative.

2. Choose Your Players

Once the theme is locked in, it’s time to create your guestlist. Who gets an invite to the hottest club in town? Club Zoom has a long line at the door, my friends, and you’re in charge of who gets in. Choose wisely. (In terms of logistics, though, Zoom allows up to 100 people for 40 minute “meetings” on their free plan. So, you know, keep that in mind.)

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3. Add a Background

Let everyone spice up their own lives by adding backgrounds to their screens. Zoom allows you to upload your own photos, so you can really go wild with this one. From beautiful vacation-inspired images to ones of Kris Jenner’s house (No, that’s not a joke), there are plenty of free Zoom backgrounds from which you can choose.

4. Grab Some Drinks

While drinking during a Zoom party is definitely not necessary, it’s a great option for those who want to unwind after working all day. For those who choose to imbibe, there are myriad easy cocktail recipes you can make at home, so it will feel like you just got a drink from a bartender—and you didn’t even have to pay for it. If you’re not drinking during said soiree, use “grab some drinks” as a euphemism for “start the party” in any way you please. Turn on the music, start comparing costumes, and let your wild night at Club Zoom begin! The best part? No need to worry about getting an overpriced Uber home from the bar at the end of the party. Just close your computer and boom! Home sweet home.