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How to Highlight Your Face in Under 30 Seconds: Video

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How to Highlight Your Face in Under 30 Seconds: Video

Full disclosure: I’ve spent a fair portion of my makeup-wearing life searching for how to achieve that elusive lit-from-within glow. We all want it, and we’ve all—at some point or another—tried to get it by slathering on shimmering, glitter-filled potions that promise a J.Lo glow, but end up making us look like an escaped, slightly deranged stripper. Wait, is that just me?

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The truth is, there’s a good reason for craving dewy skin—not only does it look feminine and natural, but plump, hydrated skin is a marked sign of youth—something we all want. The good news: You don’t have to be a 15-year-model, have Jenny from the Block’s makeup artist on speed dial, or chug 100 liters of distilled water a day to get a perfectly illuminated glow—you can hit your local MAC store, too.

Here, MAC Cosmetics senior artist Chantel Miller teamed up with us to show you how to highlight your face like a pro using just one key product, which you can shop below.
how to highlight3 How to Highlight Your Face in Under 30 Seconds: Video

Lightscapade Mineral Compact Powder, $32; 227 Brush; $32 

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