Here’s How to Help End Britney Spears’ Conservatorship, So You Can #FreeBritney Once & For All 

Britney Spears
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Whether you’re a longtime follower of the #FreeBritney movement or just became aware of it from Hulu’s documentary, you may want to know how to help Britney Spears to end her conservatorship once and for all.

After the release of Hulu with FX’s documentary, Framing Britney Spears, on Friday, February 5, hundreds of thousands of people have been posting their support of the #FreeBritney movement. Framing Britney Spears, which was a part of The New York Times Presents docuseries, explained the history of Britney’s conservatorship, which was created in 2007 amid her war with the media and the paparazzi. As explained in the documentary, Britney was placed under a conservatorship in 2007 following her divorce from her husband, Kevin Federline, and her incident with a paparazzo, in which she hit his car with an umbrella.

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, and her lawyer, Andrew Wallet, were named as co-conservators of her person and estate. As conservators, Spears and Wallet had access to Britney’s medical records and doctors, as well as can limit who visits her and what financial decisions she makes. Wallet has since removed himself as Britney’s conservator, while Jamie is no longer a conservator over her person but remains one over her estate.

The documentary also explained how the #FreeBritney movement rose in response to Britney’s controversial conservatorship, which many critics believe is unnecessary given Britney’s current mental state. (Britney even petitioned for her father to be removed “immediately” as her conservator in 2020, but the request was denied.)

With the increased interest in the #FreeBritney movement and Britney’s conservatorship, fans around the world are looking for ways to help Britney Spears. Here’s how to do your part to #FreeBritney once and for all.

Sign the #FreeBritney Petition

A petition was created more than two years ago to #FreeBritney. In the petition description, the creator asks people to support the petition to draw attention to her controversial conservatorship.

“Our beloved princess of pop, Britney Spears has been under a conservatorship since 2008. She’s now been under it for 11 long years,” the description reads. “It’s time she takes back control of her life and gets rid of all those manipulative, controlling, deceiving, money hungry & malicious people that are under her. The goal of this petition is to get that C-ship investigated for abuse and ultimately terminated so Britney can finally be free and live her best life. Her father doesn’t allow her to drive, all of her calls & messages are monitored, she’s not allowed to vote, hang with anyone or spend her money without permission. And if she breaks a ‘rule’ he threatens to have her kids taken away!”

The description continues, “She deserves to live and not be told what to do, when to to do it & how to do it. She can control her own life. Her team has kept her quiet for years and it’s now time for Britney to speak! She’s been held against her will and kept quiet for too long. At this point it’s no longer about Britney the pop star it’s about Britney Jean, the person. She’s a human being not a show pony.”

With Hulu with FX’s new documentary, the petition has seen a new signature almost every minute. So far, more than 118,000 people have signed the petition (and the count continues to go up) Sign the #FreeBritney petition here.

Use the #FreeBritney Hashtag

The #FreeBritney movement started in 2009 with the website,, but it wasn’t until recent years, as news of her conservatorship became more public, that fans have been using the hashtag more often to pressure the court to remove Jamie as Britney’s conservator. Since the premiere of Framing Britney Spears, celebrities such as Andy Cohen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, Cher and Meghan McCain have used the hashtag to voice their support of Britney and to raise awareness around her conservatorship.

Think Before You Buy Britney’s Products

This is a tough one because fans want to support Britney but not line Jamie’s pockets. In November 2020, Britney’s lawyer, Sam Ingham, confirmed that Britney is refusing to perform again until Jamie is removed as her conservator. “My client has informed me that she is afraid of her father,” Ingham told the judge overseeing Britney’s case at the time.“She will not perform again if her father is in charge of her career.”

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, also told TMZ in 2019 that Britney may never work again if changes aren’t made to her conservatorship,. “If that time never comes again, it will never come again. I have no desire or ability to make her work again. I am only here for her when she wants to work. And, if she ever does want to work again, I’m here to tell her if it’s a good idea or a bad idea,” he said.

Of course, Britney’s fans want to support her as much as possible, and one of the best way is consuming her content and buying her products. But given recent statements her team have said on her behalf, it’s unclear if that is the best route. It’s a slippery slope, but it helps to at least be conscious of what Britney may want.

Framing Britney Spears is available to stream on Hulu. Here’s how to watch it for free.

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