Can You Plan Great Sex Based on How the Stars Align?

Can You Plan Great Sex Based on How the Stars Align?

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In its 4,000-year history, astrology has been used to decide everything from when to go to war to when to hold a wedding. It’s answered questions about our futures, our relationships, our compatibility with others. Giving its wide-ranging applications, it’s natural to pose the question: Can we use astrology to learn how to have better sex, too?

Because my curiosity is absolutely insatiable—especially when it comes to stars and sex—I reached out to three astrology experts to find out whether you can use astrology to have better sex. Spoiler alert: You can, and there are a handful of things to consider, including charting the actual relationship, finding the right location based on planet transits and knowing what you’re looking for with help from the universe.

But first, a disclaimer: John Townley, author of  Planets in Love: Exploring Your Emotional and Sexual Needs, has been researching this very subject since the 1970s. He says that while tracking our planetary transits can definitely give us an idea of what’s affecting us on any given night, it isn’t a guarantee of what we’ll actually achieve. “It’s something you would consult like the weather,” he explains. (No real surprise here, though. If horoscopes were 100 percent right 100 percent of the time, we’d all be using them to take huge risks, make major life decisions and eliminate other uncertainties.)

1. Remember, two charts are at play

Since sex involves two people, the usual natal chart reading isn’t going to tell us much. Townley developed a technique to create composite charts, and wrote the first known book on the subject in 1973. Composite charts are created by putting one person’s chart on top of another and identifying where their planets will align. Townley says that the more time we spend with our partner the more accurate the reading will be. “Composite charts get stronger with age,” he explains.

And since they only work for people in a relationship, they don’t work the same as a natal chart. For example, you can track personal transits to a composite chart but not progressions to it. So a composite chart reading will be much more accurate for a long-term relationship than with someone you met last weekend.

2. And yes, your location matters

Michelle Gould, an instructor and board member at the Avalon School of Astrology in Gainesville, FL, has used astrology to plan a lot of destination weddings. That’s because, according to her, the place can be just as key to consider as the time.

“We are a kaleidoscope of influences—rather than just one sign,” she explains. Moving to another location on the globe will change how the planets affect us almost as much as being born elsewhere would’ve. “We can look for spots on the globe that are supportive or not supportive.” (Thrillist did a really solid run-down of how geography affects astrology, if you’re interested in learning more.)

3. Know what, exactly, you’re looking for

Astrologer Regina Clarkinia of Los Angeles has been studying astrology for 20 years, and more recently started working on identifying what methods will work for different people and their sexual goals. “It’s going to be different for everyone,” she shares. That said, she offers a menu of specific suggestions based on personal transits. For example, if you need help with confidence, Clarkinia says that the Mars conjunct Sun transit might give you the ego boost you’ve been wishing for. But for better or worse, it will express whatever is in the subconscious.

And if you really want to experiment, Clarkinia suggests finding out when Mars/Pluto transits your natal Scorpio for a chance of the most explosive—and possibly best—sex ever. But all reward comes with a bit of risk, and this transit could alternately result in a rough emotional night. Either way, this will likely result in a very transformative experience.

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that there’s some controversy regarding this last suggestion. Townley advises that Mars/Pluto might bring out more of a “desperate urge” than a beautiful culmination of a heart-centered bond. “Think 50 Shades of Grey. It’s better to stay away from Pluto until you know what you are doing.” Townley shares that it’s best to keep it simple. “Mars is good for a basic love affair.

Gould recommends romance when Venus contacts Jupiter once a year. This is a special time, so watch for it! And, of course, the moon will conjunct Venus once a month, and this will generally make it easier to be sexually expressive. “That’s a sexy time,” says Gould.

4. It’s all up to you (and the universe!)

All experts shared that if you asked for help in the bedroom, they would mostly focus on helping you and your partner understand your overall charts and influences so you could grow as a couple—and do it so well that great sex comes naturally, rather than trying to schedule intimacy.


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